The Cheapest Gaming PC


One PC that a beginner would be very happy with is something like a Dell Optiplex. .



This particular item is $69.99 on ebay, and features 4GB DDR3–1333 and a 3.3GHz dual-core i3–2120. Several models of 240GB SSDs can be found on Newegg for under $30.

The Lexar NS100 SSD (for $30) is a quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

For a graphics card, you could overspend on a GTX 1050 for the convenience of not needing an external power connector, but I would highly recommend just going with a GTX 1060 3GB for around the same price of $99



This option will require the use of a SATA to 8-pin connector that can be found on ebay for $1. The stock Dell 265W PSU is more than plenty of wattage for this setup.


You can use a 6-pin adapter, but just buy a 8-pin since AMD and all the new GTX cards use 8-pin in case you change your mind down the road. This PC will cost you $199 and be excellent for all but the most demanding newest games.

Additional recommended upgrades include

  • 4GB of additional DDR3–1333 for $15
  • Windows 10 Key from for $13
  • USB wireless adapter for as little as $1 shipped from China
  • 500GB (Western Digital) HDD for media storage and downloads: $10
  • If you find that the i3 dual-core doesn’t cut it for your gaming preferences, the i5–2500 quad-core can be found on ebay for $25

I have a Dell 790 i5–2500 with 8GB and GTX 1060 6GB sitting on the desk next to me and it easily throws out 100fps and overclocks beautifully…in case you are wondering if this thing actually works.



Source :

Brett Bergan
several years experience designing simple apps in VB6.