10 Simple Tips on How to Build the Habit of Reading Daily

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Made reading an everyday habit with these simple tricks:



1. Read what you love. This might be obvious but a lot of people tend to wander off in their mind when they’re reading an article or a book that doesn’t interest them. They read just because they want to get it done. Instead, find a specific genre that you can relate with and read off of that genre or topic as that you will build a healthy reading habit.

2. Be curious. Curiosity killed the cat but it won’t kill you to read. Fill your mind with questions that you have been trying to figure out for years, maybe even your whole life! It can be how to ride a bike, why do people procrastinate, what happened to Harry in Hogwarts, or when did the emancipation proclamation was signed. You will be surprised by what you will find out and at the same time, you will be more eager to read.

3. Start short and build up every day with more pages or articles each day. After finishing up a short read, you will feel satisfied and as humans, we subconsciously want more. So you can read on the same genre or topic that interests you adding more reading materials that will build your reading habit.

4. The most important first (if it’s a non-fiction book or topic). Start by reading the most important content or the ones that you haven’t already know as this will build up your reading momentum and keep you interested in reading. This way you will not get bored and stop what you read.

5. Read at the same time of day. Find the most suitable time as to when you are in your reading mode. Read for at least 45 minutes and it’s up to you if you want to continue. Automatically, this will program your brain to read at that time of day every day.

6. Don’t get distracted. Often times we are so focused on reading something when all of a sudden we get a bit off course, we lose focus and just leave the reading session with no mood left to continue. Find a peaceful place with no distractions such as phones or computers. There are also lots of apps to turn off the internet for a period of time. Use this time to focus on reading.

7. Share it with someone. Especially the ones with similar interests. This way you will be more encouraged to read because you are able to share what you have learned or read. You can also join reading clubs to find more people of the same interests.

8. Use ebooks. We are so lucky to be where the world is becoming more futuristic. We are bombarded with information all over the internet and endless reading materials. Ebooks, for example, are a great way to improve reading habits because I assume that every one of us has a smartphone and we can use that to download ebooks and read it anywhere we want without having the need to carry a physical book.

9. Audiobooks are great as it also helps to improve reading through listening. You can use this when it is hard to read at the moment like driving on the way to work, doing house chores, or even when you are reading the book as you will better understand it.

10. Create a reading challenge or goal. Personally, I aim to read 30–40 self-improvement and business books annually. This is a great way to keep track of how many books you are reading and give you a sense of urgency to reach that goal. Goodreads have reading challenges which you can join and put the amount that you want for the current year. This is another great way I keep track of my books and improve my reading habits


Most importantly is to remember that reading the right book can change your life forever. So don’t stop reading and learn something new every day.

Happy reading!



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