What do foreigners think about Indonesian food?


Indonesian people are a good cook all the Food he tried were tasty and delicious! While my fellow western friends said most of Indonesian Food are tasty but too spicy.

According to my fellow western friends here’s what they likes:

rendang-> choose less spicy one like the one at sederhana because the other brand will be too spicy for them. Take a picture of them with all the plate and they will feel like a king!

nasi goreng -> fried rice no matter it is served my friends will like it although I tried to cook the very simple with decent condiments (eggs and scallions) they still like it.

kelapa muda -> coconut because in their western countries this fruit is expensive

salak -> snake fruit not even Malaysian and Singaporean has it! So it’s relatively new for them.

bakso -> Indonesian beef meatball is considered nice with the stock Rich taste and the vermicelli

martabak telor -> this taste give them a new sensation between the omelette and pizza. My ex Western boss even volunteered himself to help us to finish the martabak telor whenever we bought and he loved so much!

tempe especially the white and round keripik tempeh even hits in Singapore and my friend usually ask me for this chip and salty cassava chip. Gorengan singkong (fried cassava also taste nice)

pempek is also nice but they prefer the fried one and forget the sauce

lemper pastel risoles klepon

Gorengan – this is what i love, fried food.. from bakwan jagung, bakwan sayur, tahu isi, pempek, tempe mendoan… i like.