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What do you mean “you must”? Who told you that? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s your business and it’s you and only who’ll decide what to do. Full stop.

Building a website can be quite a time and budget consuming task. And do you really need a complex website when you are just starting up your business?

Unless you have a fortune, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on building a website (and it’s better to have either a good website or none at all), but instead, think about creating your business with a landing page.

What’s the use of a landing page and how can it help your business? Let’s see what reasons there are to launch a landing page.

  • A landing page will help you validate your idea.

You want to launch a business and you don’t know whether it’s worth pursuing the idea in the first place. A landing page can be extremely helpful in this case. You simply describe your product and start advertising the page. Check the analytics later.

Does it seem like the service receives proper attention? Do users click on your ads? Do users stay on the page to read about your product and what value it offers? Do users leave emails?

As for me, I’d choose to invest a few hundred bucks, instead of dozens of thousands of dollars to build a website and start a business that no one needs.

  • A landing page will help you collect emails from your potential users before starting your business.

Building a custom website can take a long time. Launching a business too. And why put off your marketing efforts, if you can already begin to create a strong customer base with the help of a landing page?

You can open registration for early birds and offer some goodies in return, like discounts, free membership, e-book, etc.

  • A landing page will help you conduct A/B testing and get valuable insights into your business direction.

It’s difficult to predict what wording and messaging will work best to attract your potential customers. There are two ways to deal with it: you can guess (if you happen to be a mentalist), or you can conduct several A/B tests.

If you manage to implement the right A/B tests and keep track of analytics, they’ll work magic: you’ll see what drives your customers, what gets a better response, what colors they like more, etc.

This information can and should bring about changes to your business.

Building a landing page doesn’t require some extraordinarily specific skills. You can even build it yourself using Tilda or Wix and it won’t cost you much.


Andrew Hurskyi – Tech Lead at Clockwise Software | JavaScript Enthusiast

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