The best methods to relieve stress


There are many things you can do to relieve stress. Things, such as exercising, hobbies, and meeting friends. But the best way is to find out the causes of stress and find the ways to get rid of them.

Meditation was the best way to relieve my stress. Meditation not only calmed my stress, but it also made positive changes in my life. Let me tell you my story. I have been sensitive since I was young. I would wake up easily from even a little sound. If I heard any noises that would bother me, my nerves became sensitive and stressed.

As adolescence came, I became more and more sensitive. To relieve my stress, I played many video games. I would hang out with my friends, but my sensitive personality did not change.  If I was bothered by something I heard, people would always say don’t let it bother you, but I couldn’t control how I felt. My Dad recommended that I meditate because of my stress, so I started meditating.

I asked my meditation guide how to get rid of stress and change my sensitive personality. My guide told me that I will learn where stress comes from and how to get out of it. He said that stress occurs because the way I saw things in my mind did not match what was actually happening in the world. My mind was not the same as the world because I was living inside of my mind world.


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What I learned from the meditation was that our bodies are like a camera. Since being born, we take pictures of all our experiences in the world and store them in our brain. We experience the world based on those pictures that we have stored. So, stress, anxiety and countless feelings arise not so much from our experiences but from the pictures we are holding.

Because we have lived in this picture world, which has a self-centered mind, stress accumulates. I asked the meditation guide, if I throw away my self-centered mind of pictures, which is the cause of my stress, will it change my personality to have no stress? And he said yes and explained that if one finds his true mind within and he lives with that true mind there will be no stress.

I thought this explanation was groundbreaking, and I started to throw away all the minds formed from those pictures of my lived life. Looking back on my lived life while meditating, I found the reason I had been so sensitive. In my mind, the idea of protecting myself from everything in the world had been immense since I was a child. Because of that, I had been continuously trying to protect myself. I was not seeing the world as it was. Therefore, I was sensitive and overreacting to situations. Living in a narrow-minded world I was constantly creating more stress.

For the first time, through meditation, I was able to look back on myself objectively, and free myself from that mind world of pictures, which was the cause of my stress. As I discarded those narrow minds, my mind began to open more and more. I began to feel more relaxed and comfortable. As I meditated more my self-centered mind became wider and wider and I could understand myself and others so much better. I could see that this wider mind was my true mind as my happiness kept increasing. My mind felt like it became open like the sea, and I could see the world as it is and could accept everything. I would have been stressed out in the past, but now I can accept any situations, especially stressful ones, and deal with them positively. My life began to change. Now even if I get stressed, I can let go of it immediately, and I can stay happy and positive all the time. Because of that, I entered the college that I have always been wishing to go to and do not feel stress anymore. 


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Ameena Chung – Qoura

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