The ethnic groups in Southeast Asia


I will mention 7 major ethnic groups which have the largest population in ASEAN (at least according to my knowledge). Which are:

1. Javanese, Mostly found in: Indonesia: Around 108 million people


2. Thai, Mostly found in: Thailand: Around 59 Million people


3 Kinh, Mostly found in: Vietnam: Around 80 million people


4. Sundanese, Mostly found in: Indonesia: Around 40 million People ( yay, me)


5. Visayans, Mostly found in: The Philippines: Around 33 million People


6. Malay, Mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore: Around 28 million people (yay me again)


7. Chinese (Han, Manchu, Uyghur, Etc) The entire Southeast Asia : Around 33 million

That’s the Major ethnic group of ASEAN based on Population at least to my knowledge those are the major ethnic group


Source : 

Rafi Gandana – Quora


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