Which are the Tools Used in Marketing Services?

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In a world with an abundance of tools, it’s becoming a harder choice by the day. This is just a small selection from tools out there. There are the tools I, as an (online) marketer, use weekly and some even daily. Below is a list of my favorites. I also explain a little bit why I use them.

1. Google Ads
2. Ahrefs
3. Hypefury
4. Mailchimp
5. Facebook (Ads Manager)
6. WordPress
7. Quora
8. Upwork


Google Ads.
Probably known by most people as Google Adwords. You can buy search engine real estate for any keyword that’s valuable for you. If you sell a marketing tool you could advertise whenever someone searches for “marketing tool”. Easy and simple. I use it for my own business and I’ve managed Millions in Ad spent for my clients.

If you’re into SEO (Search Engine Marketing) as a marketer you need a tool that can help you find low competition keywords. Link opportunities, rank tracking, etc. etc. It’s my personal favorite. Ahrefs is not cheap but they have the biggest database, so the most accurate tooling you could use to increase your search engine presence.

I’m on Twitter quite a lot these days. Twitter is a great way to reach out to people. To build an audience and to spread your message. Whether you’re freelancer or own an ecommerce store, Twitter is still a gold mine when it comes to getting into contact with your audience. I use Hypefury to schedule all my tweets. To quickly copy text and paste it to form a “thread” in just one second. It can also automatically retweet your best (evergreen) tweets.

I still believe one of the best way a marketer can spend his time is to build an email list. An email list is yours. Your property. You own it. Even in 2020 it’s still one of the best ways to come into contact with your audience. Mailchimp lets you easily build and email list and send emails to your subscribers. It’s free to use until you reach 2000 subs.

I’ve been on FB since it’s early inception. As a marketer I started using it probably about 5 years ago. I thought it sucked big time back then. But boy has their algorithm improved over the years. It’s really incredible to see how quickly they can hone in on your target audience. Of course you have to pay to play. But you get a big bang for your buck.

It powers hundreds of millions (if not billions) of websites around the world. It is by far the most popular CMS out there AND it’s totally free. (I wrote about how to setup a successful website with WordPress here if you’re interested btw). Every marketer needs their own website I always say. You need to experiment. Even if you’re employed! You can do all sorts of crazy stuff you can’t do at your employer. You can find out what works and what doesn’t and apply that somewhere else. Either at your clients, for yourself or your employer.

This is self explanatory I think. Quora is a platform we’re on right now. You can answer questions if you think you can add value to the discussion. Along the way you can build your personal brand or even help your own company become better known. Just remember that you shouldn’t overdo it. Always focus on adding value to the community first and adding value to yourself last.

No one marketer is good at everything. I can’t program for example even though I think that as a marketer, if you want to add value to your company / your audience, you need to create tools people can use (for free). So I use Upwork to come into contact with all sorts of creators. From developers to copywriters to VA’s. Upwork is a place where you can find freelancers that can do just about anything.

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